photo by catie laffoon

photo by catie laffoon


elan gale is not that great

but neither are you


several years ago, elan gale was almost killed when he logged into instagram and was pummeled mercilessly with an endless barrage of inspirational quotes. it was on that day that he emerged from under the pile of hyperbolic bullshit and was reborn as a man with a mission.

his goal was clear: do everything in his power to help people shed themselves of the endless misguided positivity they delude themselves with and try to help them have a more human experience in their short time on this earth

and then finally he was like "fuck it, i'll just write a book." so he did, and now it can be yours. 

but the book was only the beginning. this is beginning of a community of people who will support each other, almost always by not supporting each other. i know, it's complicated. but it's going to work.

also, he has a lot of work to make this website better. he has not idea what he's doing and it's kind of a piece of shit right now.